Simple tips to add more beans to your daily meals.

There are lots of easy ways to add beans to your meals to reap the healthy benefits

Mix Beans Into Breakfast – The English eat beans on toast, and beans are an everyday staple for breakfast. Eggs, black beans, guacamole and salsa also make for a great combo for a savory morning.

Put Them In Pasta: Try adding white beans to pesto pasta or to your tomato sauce.

Stir Them Into Soup: Beans are a great addition to any soup from chicken noodle to chili! Just add your favorite type of bean to your next batch.

Spread Them Onto Sandwiches: Make homemade bean dip or hummus and substitute for mayo. Dip your veggies into the bean dip for an additional use!

Toss Them In Your Salads: Try topping your salad with different beans like black, kidney or edamame. You can also make a blended white bean dressing!

Bake Them In Dessert: Substitute flour with a can of pureed black beans in brownies. Also try different bean flours to add to any of your favorite baked goods.

Tuck Beans into Pitas: Tuck them into whole-grain tortillas or pita bread.

Sautee Them: Toss beans into sautéed veggies or mix them with cooked greens and garlic.