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The Tag Certification Program - Your Guarantee of Excellence

Certified Registered Tags

Certification Tags Idaho’s tag certification program is supervised jointly by the Idaho Crop Improvement Association and the University of Idaho Research and Extension Service.

Over 50 years ago, the Idaho Crop Improvement Association (ICIA) established the Certified Blue Tag Seed Program to guarantee a reliable source of quality crop seed for growers. Millions of pounds of Idaho seed crop are certified annually by the ICIA, one of the nation’s largest seed quality control programs.

When you buy Certified Blue Tag Certified Seed from Idaho, you can be sure you’re planting product that meets or exceeds the following standards of excellence:

  • Variety documentation
  • Minimum 99% pure seed (other crops or varieties .00125% maximum)
  • Uniform germination and growth potential
  • Proven variety performance
  • Reduced risk from noxious or objectionable weed seed
  • Maximum* of 1.0% inert matter, splits and cracks, or badly discolored product.

All Idaho certified seed is produced from Registered Seed and no “second-generation” seed can be sold under the Blue Tag certification.

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